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  • 55% Korean, GimmYoung Publishers, S/Korea, 2000.06 (ISBN 89-349-0548-4 03810)
    Lady Kyunghyang Monthly Magazine, S/Korea, 1990.03
    To Korea, Mother Nation, 1st Seoul Doc. Film Festival, S/Korea, 1996.04
    Shimin-eui shinmun, Seoul (950821,0828,0904,0911,0918,0925), S/Korea, 1995.08.14


  • The story of a POC-BOK, Korientation, Yellow Press, Berlin, 2016.02.28
  • Carte Blanche, Le Vif/Focus, Brussels, 2013.10.11
  • La Diaspora artistique coréenne (p.239-245), Les Cahiers de Corée, 2004
  • Diaspora Art Scene and History, Areum Volume 4, Tokyo, 2004.11
    Woman’s Opinion-Olympic Games, Munwha Ilbo, S/Korea, 2000.09.21
    Woman’s Opinion-Hair, Munwha Ilbo, Korea, 2000.09-06
    Voices from another place Anthology, Young & Young Publishing, U.S., 1999.09
    Holt Quarterly News, (p 22-25), S/Korea, 1995 Sum.
    Lady Kyunghyang Monthly Magazine (p.265-269), S/Korea, 1994.06
    O’seas Adoption, EKL’s purposes, Sungkyun Times (p14-15), Seoul, 1994.06
    Don’t reject us twice, ShinDongah Magazine (p 546-555), S/Korea, 1995.10


  • TROUW Newspaper (cover), The Netherlands, 2014.02.25)
  • Social KRITIK #137, Denmark, 2014.02
  • Groove Magazine, S/Korea, 2012.09
  • Outsiders Within, U.S., 2006.07
  • International Adoption, by Sarah Dorow (Cover), 2006.06
    Le Monde, France, 2002.06
    All about my mothers, Kim Byul Productions, S/Korea, 2000.04


  • Hi-bridée, Le Jumelée, Montreal, 2008, Fall
    All about my mothers, Kim Byul Productions, S/Korea, 2000.04
    International Poetry Anthology, International Poetry Library, U.S., 1999
    Voices from another place Anthology, Young & Young Publishing, U.S., 1999.09
    People who search, by Park Insun, Hana Medical Publishing, S/Korea, 1998.04
    Seeds from a Silent Tree, by Rankin & Bishoff, Pandal Press, U.S., 1997.11
    Najson Mokuk Ttangaeseo ppuri Chakki, Mal Magazine (p142), S/Korea, 1996.01
    European Adoptees... letters, Keumho Monthly Magazine, S/Korea, 1995.12
    Shimin-eui shinmun, Seoul (950821,0828,0904,0911,0918,0925), S/Korea, 1995.08.14

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