GIV40-CanAsian (2016)


For the 40th anniversary of ‘Groupe Intervention Video’ (GIV), a video distributor of women’s works,  In celebration of their anniversary, as curator, I had the pleasure to choose from their extensive collection videos of a variety of style and stories, which I am happy to share! 


Program notes

This selection is a list of Asian-born or Asian resident’s work distributed by G.I.V.  starting from the mid 90’s till now.

About an hour of videos of different styles — performance, fiction, animation and experimental that talk about identity, immigration, multi-culture and diversity.

The choice of video-makers is personal and the creative approach on identity, immigration. This screening will be followed with a Q&A session 

Officer Tuba meets Happy Ghost, Sojin Chun, 2011, Experimental, Canada/Brazil, 05:00

SoJin Chun combines characters appropriated from two Hong Kong films and digitally rotoscopes them into contemporary Super 8 mm film footage shot in Korean neighborhoods, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Toronto, Canada. Pulled from their Hong Kong settings, these characters are recast as Koreans, playing with western perceptions and stereotypes of Asian identity. The ruptures and continuity of culture within diasporic communities frame these figures displaced in time, space, language, and culture.

Du Canada, mihee-nathalie lemoine, 2012, Germany/Canada, English, 01:40

Sentences excerpted from the deportation letter Immigration Canada asking me to leave right away.

Au Canada, mihee-nathalie lemoine, 2013, Belgium/ Canada, English, 01:40

Two years after an expulsion letter ‘From Canada’, the sky is witness to my return due to a letter from Immigration Canada bidding me « Welcome »



kimura byol-nathalie lemoine is a multimedia artist and curator of several screenings and exhibits in South Korea (From East to West, 1996, KameleonZ-HKZ, 1997, Our Adoptees Our Aliens, 2004) and in Canada (Orientity, 2007, Diasporasia, 2012, All Between: Qouleur, 2014, topographies: Adoptee Audiovisual Archives – 2015)  GIV 40– Paris-Berlin, 2016.

Ze has published an essay 55 Korean (2000) and co-edited 6 guidebooks on Korean overseas artistes (2001-2008).

A short animation set to Klaus Nomi’s rendition of You Don’t Own Me: queer liberation or neoliberal liberty?


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