Galerie articule Gallery – 6282 St Hubert, Tiohtià:ke/Montreal (Metro: Rosemont or Beaubien)
Vernissage & action 2022.01.20

“Shibari is a process of creating tension. Once a person, an object or a thing is tightened and constricted, a para-gravitational entropy starts to unravel. Once tension makes itself present, the invisible assumes a physical and psychological dimension.

Thinking about this unsettling phenomena, DOIS revisited their two last works: MEAREWE and WHEAREWE (2022) in order to honor and revive once again the lives of those whose who are often forgotten or made invisible because of their lack of belonging which among other things can be related to race, disabilities, sexual orientation and/or gender identity. DOIS provokes with the question: “do you really care if we disappear?”

Meanwhile the abstract weight of those who left us are healed by a 100 knots 🪢 installation/action is an 100 minute Action with 100 meter of organic cord. Specially conceived for Articule’s 2023 Member Show “Regeneration”, DOIS performatic installation: WHATAREWE integrates artistic actions of a near past to unravel narratives of becoming that intersects notions of de-composition, re-cycling, and trans-formation while evoking the dilemmas of sustainability and questioning the role of artists when they create new objects.

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