Diasporasia (2011)

04 Nov 2011 to 06 Nov 2011

Diasporasie brings together artists, theoreticians, and militants whose work raises and develops questions related to North-East and South Asian diasporas.  Video projections, performance, workshop, and discussion will address issues surrounding the complex relations between culture, ethnicity, political and geographic boundaries:  how they become deployed in social and political spheres, the intimate ways they resonate when we attempt to articulate notions of identity, and how interpersonal relations are structured by them.

Diasporasie is intended to be a participatory forum for exchanges and reflections of critical importance within the current political climate.  Indeed, it seems that the proliferation of cultural exchanges, rather than increasing the porosity of boundaries (intimate, social or national…) is used by many to justify a simplification of concepts of identity that is finding support amongst the population. This leads to the appalling radicalization of interpersonal differences and an environment of fear.
6pm: Video screening : DiasporAsie projection Vidéo/Film : Montréal
Curator : Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine

At La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse

My Niagara, Helen Lee, Canada, 1992, 40 min
A Video, Jihee Min, Canada, 2005, 1 min 36 s
Transfer point, Jenny Lin, Canada, 2007, 5 min 23 s
Disadoption, Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine, Canada, 2008, 2 min
A Few Colourful Phrases, Cheryl Sim, Canada, 1995, 12 min 45 s
P2P/Peer to Painting, Shié Kasai, Canada, 2009, 15 min
Deux monologues, Risa Hatayama, Canada, 2008, 10 min
I Scream Minjihee, Jihee Min, Canada, 2011, 3 min 59 s
Qu’est-ce que ça veut dire ?, Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine, Canada, 2010, 1 min 40 s

This programme explores the identity, gender, art, and psyché of those who chose to be outside (of their birthplace, of where they were raised, of their biological characteristics…)

8pm : Panel discussion
Moderator : Alice Ming Wai Jim. With Richard Fung, Ook Chung,  Jihee Min, Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine, Sharlene Bamboat
Credits: Image : Elisha Lim, 2011