PHI Foundation, Sept 22, 2021 – Jan 09, 2022 – 451 St Jean (4FL)


The installation “SAEKDONG색동DIASPORA” by kimura byol-nathalie lemoine brings together a multitude of objects in careful arrangement to reference their transnational experiences. The work explores themes of identity formation based on ethnicity, nationality, adoption, migration, and how all these might be expressed through objects and organic materials. “SAEKDONG색동DIASPORA” is presented as part of the exhibition “…and room in the bag of stars” alongside other artists from this year’s PHI Montréal residency program. Open until January 9, 2022 Free admission · Reservations required

* To all the seeds from the East to the West

The artist thanks : Hiba Abas (Familiprix), Chittakone Baccam, Ryan Baker, Magenta Baribeau, Marie-France Breton, Yves Cantraine, Dahlia Cheng, Maïly Daïgle, Rixt de Boer, Shayo Detchema, Stefanie Di Tommaso, Cheryl Donison, Alanna Fitzgerald, Juniper Glass, MP Grenier, Thé Guru (, Anne-F Jacques, camille käse, Adel KSK, Catherine Lalonde Massecar, lamathilde, Aude Lespagnard, Kim Maurice, Laure Neuville, Pak Okkyung, Marilie Ross, Bill Ryan, Libbie Shea, Coral Short, Cheryl Sim, Ludmila Steckelberg, Alanna Thain, Mary Sui Yee Wong, Amelia Wong-Mersereau, Sunny Young, Ji Yun.


PHI’s newest exhibit imagines post-pandemic human connection, Avryl Bender, McGill Tribune, 2021.09.28)

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