Artistic collaboration

DOIS with Fernando Belote, Montreal, 2018

Kim Kim Project with Kim Waldron, 2009-2019

Grey Noize with Nik Forrest, 2018

KIMURAKAMI with Camille Käse, 2018

Orientity with Adel KSK, Jane Jin Kaison, Haji Oh, Raymond Hahn , 2004

OKAYbook with Kate Hers-Rhee, 2001

Kim Lee Park (KLP) with Kate Hers-Rhee & Hwalan, 1999

KameleonZ with Jisun Sjogren, Vincent Sung, Hyuna Park, Jee Young Joo, Bo Whang, Lee Sang-Eun, Ines Cho, 1996

Activist collaboration

Archives Culturelles des Adopté.e.s | Adoptee Cultural Archives (ACA), 2016

Asian | Afro-descendents | Aborigene Queer Adoptees (AQA), 2010

Network of Korean International Adoptee Artists (NOKIAA), 2008

Global Overseas Adoptee’s Link (GOAL), 1998

Korean Overseas Adoptees (KOA – search), 1996

Euro-Korean League – Korea, 1994

Euro Korean League (Belgium), 1991

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