• Title                  # 6261 Montréal
  • Artist                 kimura byol-nathalie lemoine
  • Event                Solo Show
  • Place                 

Le projet 6261 Montréal project is in the same time a geographical and symbolic journey reflecting on migration movement of Montrealers from diverse origins.

My work incorporates the particular reality of Montreal local street address system that differs from others realities such as those of Belgium and South Korea, which are familiar to me.

During 100 days (June 15th to September 22nd, 2015) as a conceptual restraint and in choosing the number #6261 (my adoption number), I choose randomly 100 streets with number 6261. I search on Google 411 on internet and Post Canada website.

Then, I sent 100 call for participation to 100 selected addresses. 2/3 of the 100 envelopes came back to me and from the 1/3 left, 3 Montrealers answered me with a message of my Facebook page project.

I travelled (by foot and public transport only) in different parts of Montreal. I had the privilege to discover different social, ethnic and linguistic neighborhood.

I had the chance to meet about 10 people but 4 only accepted to participate to the project and to create photo, video and audio portraits. So I could create a dialog between my own diasporic experience and their migrations. During this same period, I found object and I received gifts linked to the project.

The result of my research is introduce to the public, for my ten year anniversary in Montréal, with a solo show (Studio XX), a publication of 100 booklets printed in a limited version d’un by (B & D Press) and a non-linear interactive film with the software Korsakow (Studio XX)